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We know it sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpet, but Studio Ten’s SEO Newcastle online marketing service is really THAT good. We know there are adverts that state that SEO is ‘built-in’ to websites and that is very mis-leading. Optimising your website is all well and good, but without a strong online marketing campaign you will never realise the true potential of your site, and that’s where SEO Newcastle Upon Tyne comes into play. If you want to here what our clients say, then here are a few comments from a handful of some of our awesome SEO Newcastle clients we’ve had over the years.

Simply Maldives Holidays

seo newcastle We started using Studio Ten’s SEO Newcastle service in December 2012 when we trialled one of our travel sites instantly saw results and set to work on the site. Studio Ten offered copywriting and they wrote all of the content and did all of the link building which saw us take #2 for Maldives Holidays in just 4 months: we wouldn’t be in the Maldives holidays business if it wasn’t for their SEO work. This is astonishing for what was a new website at the time and with competition such as British Airways, Virgin Holidays, Thompson and Kuoni it was simply amazing that we were pushing those websites out of the way. We’ve since let Studio Ten loose on all of our network of travel sites and they currently deal with 6 different websites with more on the way.

Amit Patel,

newcastle upon tyne seo marketingI’d heard great things about SEO Newcastle Studio Ten and once our website was ready I had no doubt that we were going to use these guys. What struck me was that they constantly update, enhance and tweak their methods to be in-line with Google’s updates and algorithm changes. We saw top ten placements within weeks for our main keyword experiential marketing and that is frankly unreal. It’s not a small keyword either, we a rubbing shoulders with the main experiential marketing agencies in the UK now, much to our competitors’ disappointment.

Grant Cruickshanks, CHARGE Agency